Avergen Pharmaceuticals

Collaborative Modifiers

Cancer is one of the world’s most pressing health care challenges. Research progress from one year to the next is incremental, and true breakthroughs are exceptional. We want to establish the means for future disruptive therapies. Avergen is developing a drug discovery platform for identifying highly potent drugs for cancer treatment and neurodegenerative diseases. This new idea is an enabling technology that will make it possible to develop in a very short time new compounds for already well established and validated cancer drug targets which were until now regarded as undruggable and protein aggregation diseases (e.g. Parkinson disease) with no disease modifying therapies available. 


We presented at BioEurope on November 6-8 2017 at the CityCube in Berlin.


APG has received an EU grant by the PERMIDES initiative to establish an in silico drug discovery platform.


We have currently two drug discovery programs: Huntington's disease and a transcription factor inhibitor for cancer treatment.

EIT Health Germany funds six promising start-ups with innovative solutions for healthcare and disease control

Avergen wins one of the first PERMIDES grants to push boundaries in personalized medicine